Invest in One of These Streaming Platforms, and You Will Be Entertained for Months on End

Streaming is part of the new normal with households all over America have already cutting the cord on cable. Yet, it is hard to find the exact entertainment you’re looking for on streaming platforms, especially since there is so much selection. Start with the basics, and nail down the ones you want to invest in, first. Here are our recommendations below, based on the most popular.


The great grandad in the market remains the best streaming service. As you probably know, Netflix provides unlimited streaming of TV shows, movies, comedy specials, and original programming for a flat monthly subscription fee. You can even create up to five different profiles on a single account to make sure that your loved ones don’t mess up your recommendation algorithm.  


Before its release, Disney+ was one of the most anticipated streaming services on the market. And. why wouldn't it be? Disney is now at the helm of Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and more. At an affordable price per month, it's among the cheaper of the premium streaming services out there, and a lot of the content is available in 4K resolution with HDR color palettes, too. 


If you want to keep current with the latest TV shows, but don't feel like investing in a cable subscription or an HD antenna, Hulu is the best solution. This service provides access to most major network shows. It allows subscribers access a show's current season — or all the program's seasons — even if you must wait an extra day for a new release. Like Netflix, the streaming service hosts numerous original shows, movies, and more.

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