Enjoy Holiday Spirits, While Sticking to Your Diet with These Keto-Friendly Options

Sticking to your diet around the holidays is tough. For those on the keto diet, determining which alcoholic beverages align with your health goals can be tricky. Luckily, many types of wines have a modest amount of carbs, making them A-OK for keto devotees. Here is a quick list of wine varietals with less than 4 grams of carbs per serving for anyone on the keto diet this holiday season, as well as an overview of wines to avoid.

Best Keto-Friendly White Wines

Refresh your palette with a delicious glass of these keto-friendly white wines.

• Brut Champagne (1.5 grams of carbs per glass)
• Sauvignon Blanc (3 grams of carbs)
• Chardonnay (3.2 grams of carbs)
• Champagne (3.8 grams of carbs)
• Prosecco (3.8 grams of carbs)
• Pinot Grigio (3.8 grams of carbs)
• Pinot Gris (3.8 grams of carbs)
• Pinot Blanc (3.8 grams of carbs)

Best Keto-Friendly Red Wines

Perfect for enjoying alongside holiday meals, these red wines will still allow you to stick to your diet.

• Pinot Noir (3.4 grams of carbs per glass)
• Merlot (3.7 grams of carbs)
• Cabaret Sauvignon (3.8 grams of carbs)

Worst Keto-Friendly Wines

With tons of sugar and carbs, we don’t recommend keto dieters drink these wine varietals.

• Red or white sangria
• Pink zinfandel
• Moscato
• Riesling
• Rose
• Port/sherry wine
• Dessert wine
• Wine coolers
• Frozen wine pops

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