Take Your Productivity at Work to the Next Level with Any One of These Apps

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No one likes to feel behind at work. If you’re working from home, you might feel like you have even more to prove. So, here’s a tip: rely on the right tools to ensure your success. Whether you’re attempting to stay on target for a deadline or communicate more effectively with your fellow team members, any one of these three apps below is an excellent choice to prioritize your projects, collaborate with co-workers, or remain organized on multiple devices. Check them out below, and you’ll certainly be happier with all you accomplish in a single day!


No matter what field of work you’re in, it’s likely that your job requires a lot of day-to-day personal interaction. Replicate those same in-office connections with Zoom, a video call and conferencing app that can accommodate up to 100 people in one virtual room. Upload fun backgrounds and take your video conference up a notch! Zoom is also useful for simple, straightforward messaging, for when your team doesn’t require face-to-face meetings. Free versions of Zoom are available for PC, Mac, web, iOS, and Android.


Maybe you’re a productivity nerd. Maybe you fill out your time sheet on a project-by-project basis. Whatever the reason, Toggl is the app you’ve been looking for. Toggl helps you see exactly how much time you and others spend on various tasks. From there, you can get intel from Toggl on which tasks are taking longer than usual. If you’re a freelance employee, Toggl also offers a tool that helps you figure out if you’re charging enough for your services. Toggl is free for 30 days and then requires a membership, which starts at $10.00 monthly. The app is available for PC, Mac, web, iOS, and Android.

Chrome Remote Desktop

If you’re working from home, you’re likely switching from device to device throughout the day, like your laptop to your tablet and smartphone. That’s what makes a tool like Chrome Remote Desktop so valuable. This application allows you to safely access your main computer from another device without threatening the safety of your files. You can also use the app to share your screen with coworkers whenever the mood strikes. Best of all, it’s free and available for iOS, Android, and Google Chrome.

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