Level Up Your Career With These Bits of Advice for a Successful 2021

What are your resolutions for 2021? If you’d like to switch jobs, change career paths, or simply make more of a difference at work, you’re not alone. Job-related resolutions are very common. However, with 2021 emerging at the tail-end of the coronavirus pandemic, you can bet that competition will be extra-stiff for jobs in the early part of the year. Though competition is no reason to abandon your career goals, you can’t deny that some advice would be welcome! So, without further ado, here are 3 bits of career advice to incorporate into your own professional life this year.

Challenge yourself to go beyond your job description.

According to businesswomen and “power twins” Tricia and Antoinette Clarke, “the number one toxic behavior at work is when you follow your own job description.” In other words, limiting your daily duties to the exact items you got hired to do can limit you in more ways than you might expect. If you find yourself turning down small jobs or opportunities because it’s “not in your job description,” consider making 2021 the year that you begin going above and beyond what your employer expects of you. Who knows – you might discover an untapped passion as a result!

Keep a running “brag sheet.”

You know you’re great at your job – now, keep a running list of reasons why with a “brag sheet”! A brag sheet is basically a running list of your biggest and brightest professional accomplishments, which can be used when preparing for something like an annual review, or when catching up with a former colleague, who may be curious about what you’re up to at work. Writing it down now means that you’re less likely to forget your achievements later. Plus, having a formatted brag sheet at the ready means that you can produce it at a moment’s notice when an opportunity comes knocking.

Forget that old advice about two-page resumes.

Resumes are crucial in the professional world – and, for that reason, there’s tons of information out there about what makes your resume professional, visually striking, and well-written enough to land you the job. Perhaps one of the most known resumes “rules” is the notion that your resume should be no longer than one page long. Luckily, this is no longer the case. According to a survey conducted by ResuméGo, recruiters are 2.9 times as likely to prefer two-page resumés when it comes to reviewing candidates for managerial-level jobs. So, if your experience necessitates a two-page resume, go for it!

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